Customer Satisfaction

Sarika Goyal

VAS did a fantastic Job, as always I was very pleased with the timing and the done. Everyone is very kind and professional. We need anything no matter what we need, employee respond very quickly and the whole process makes everything stress free. I Love Living here.
Thanks Sarika

Working Process

Mohit Gandotra

Thank you for your dedication in maintaining our society. You may think that no one notices your hard work, but we do - each and every day. The cleanliness, timely support, safely, positive attitude of all staff members and effectiveness of the building is a joy for all of us. Keep up the great work! Best regards! Mohit Gandotra

Professional Team

Gurpreet Singh

"Staff of VAS Mgmt. are extremely helpful. They have always been very responsive to my requests and have really gone the extra mile numerous times and stand with us whenever we need their help. I wholeheartedly recommend them, really thankful for your support and keep it up the good work. Thanks, Gurpreet Singh

Time Management

Balram Mishra

मैं नवंबर 2019 में सपरिवार एपेक्स गोल्फ परिसर में रहने आ गया था। तब से लेकर आजतक, लगभग दो वर्ष और चार महीनों में मैंने यह पाया है कि एपेक्स गोल्फ एवेन्यू परिसर के रख रखाव के लिए अनुबंधित 'वीएएस मैनेजमेंट सर्विसेज (VAS Management Services)' ने बहुत ही जिम्मेदारी के साथ अपने दायित्वों का निर्वहण किया है। मैंने वीएएस के प्रबंधकों और कर्मचारियों को सदैव शालीन और तत्पर पाया है।
- बलराम कुमार मिश्रा,

Customer Satisfaction


Let me extend my thanks to the maintenance team for being collaborative and striving to solve the issues. Residents mostly reach out when they have problems, how urgently it is being looked at shows how serious you are to solve it. "Solution would come in its own due course but initiation is important". Not every issue can be resolved but putting our best and being humble shows how honest you are towards solving the issue. I am quite satisfied with all the efforts being put towards the betterment of our society. Maintenance team I wish you all the best.

Customer Satisfaction

Rohit Mishra

We Like the facilities & maintenance services here so much that we have even referred (it) to our relatives." I am very happy with the services offered at Apex Golf Avenue. Everything is well maintained.

Customer Satisfaction

Anil Rastogi

I wish to extend my thanks to the maintenance team for being supportive and working hard to solve the issues. I see a lot has changed in the work ethics. I am quite satisfied with all the efforts being put towards the betterment of our society. Maintenance team I wish you all the best.

Customer Satisfaction

Anuradha Dhar

Thank you for your dedication to cleaning and maintaining our building. You may think that no one notices your hardwork, but we do- each and every day. The cleanliness and efficiency of the building is a joy for all of us . Keep up the grat work !

Customer Satisfaction

Suneeta Kundu

VAS has always been very prompt in response. They have a very efficient and effective team in place, that ensures quality and professional services. we wish them all the very best.

Customer Satisfaction

Ravinder Moza

Since VAS took cleaning services for our building have been impressed with the improvement in Cleanliness and excellent services. One of the best facility service company we have ever experienced. Thanks and good luck to VAS.

Customer Satisfaction

Mr. Deepak

I am writing to you to extend my thanks to our maintenance team. As a resident I have had no issues whenever needed help. A lot has changed in last 2 years, by adapting to newer technology (mygate, park+), professional message circulation in groups, well managed society events, quicker turnaround of maintenance work. Team is very professional and humble and it shows when you deal with them. I know it needs a lot of hard work round the clock to keep it running without any fail and making us feel safe. I wish you all the best!

Customer Satisfaction

Satish Kumar

The services by VAS are highly appreciable. Their professional approach and meticulous attention to every detail have elevated the cleanliness and maintenance standards of our society. The result is a beautiful and well-maintained environment. Thanks to VAS management!

Customer Satisfaction

Monica Bhatnagar

I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with the VAS management services. From day one your commitment to excellence has been evident. You guys are efficiently handling administrative tasks, financial matters, and maintenance issues with utmost professionalism and promptness. The team's proactive approach ensures a well-maintained and harmonious living environment for all residents. Your transparent communication, fair decision-making, and dedication to community engagement make you an invaluable asset. Your management truly enhance the quality of life within our Society.

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We are Facility Management Specialists| VAS Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is premier/specialized and experienced organization,

VAS is specialized and experienced organization and believes in delivering the best Housekeeping & Facility Management Services. We provide Technical Maintenance and Operate with latest technology & believe in delivering the quality services to our clients.

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