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Integrated Facility Management


VAS provide an A-to-Z cleanliness solution to all our clients, organized and uncluttered can improve the hygiene and safety of the environment.

Club, Gym & Swimming Pool

Handling all facilities and delivered underneath the supervision of experienced personnel Mechanical Services to be changed to

Landscaping and Horticulture

Horticulture Services maintaining a garden or lawn is an intricate task for many as it requires a good amount of time and right knowledge of gardening.

Mechanical Services

Mechanical engineers work on air and water pollution, sea water desalination, engine efficiency, alternative fuels, biodegradables.

Electrical System

The electrical system is similar to the nervous system in the human body. It distributes power to the different parts of the building.

Sanitary and Plumbing System

The plumbing and sanitary system is an essential part of every house or building (the entire system of piping, fittings and the appurtenances).

Fire Pumps and Services

Pumps that increase the pressure within the distribution system or raise water into an elevated storage tank.

Pest Control and Sanitization Services

Sanitation is a prevention strategy to help safeguard your site against pest infestations and subsequent threats.

Maintenance & Operations

Help Desk / Customer Care

A good service desk allows you to create a customer-centric culture where customer happiness is the top priority.

Preventive Management

Careful planning and scheduling of maintenance on equipment before there is an actual problem as well as keeping accurate records of past inspections and servicing reports.

Inventory Control

As its name suggests, inventory control helps you maintain control over your inventory level so that you make

Vendor Management and Procurements

Vendors must be managed to reduce the chances of supply chain disruption so will ensure all services and goods are delivered on time.

DG Operation and Maintenance

During the running of the diesel generator, the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system, and engine require close monitoring for any leaks.

Fire Safety System

Fire safety becomes very important and requires adequate measures to reduce the possibility of fire accidents and loss.

Lifts and Elevator

VAS offer a full range of predictive technical services pertaining to industrial, commercial & residential installations.


CCTV can provide a whole host of advantages within the building in which it is installed, along with its contents and any workers or residents.

Parking Management

Parking Management solution makes the task easier by automating the system thereby making the allocation of the parking space to the visitors.

Environment Management


The Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) Model helps you position a product or service.

Solid Waste Management

The complete process of collecting, treating and disposing of solid wastes.


Waste management engineers organise and manage waste disposal, collection, and recycling facilities.

Organic Food

We are Facility Management Specialists| VAS Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is premier/specialized and experienced organization,

VAS is specialized and experienced organization and believes in delivering the best Housekeeping & Facility Management Services. We provide Technical Maintenance and Operate with latest technology & believe in delivering the quality services to our clients.

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